#22 Use The Funds Available For First Time Home Buyers To Start Cash Flowing

#22: Use The Funds Available For First Time Home Buyers To Start Cash Flowing


Use The Funds Available For First Time Home Buyers
To Start Cash Flowing


Use The Funds Available For First Time Home Buyers To Start Cash Flowing

I did my research and it was a good deal and it ended up being a great deal and right now we're trying to work with the realtor to see if we can make this happen, which is so exciting for me.

Cash flowing through real estate is one of the great investment. The idea is that with a single-family house, you’re counting on one person or one family to pay that mortgage or pays you. With a duplex, you’re counting on two and then we go to the quadplex where you’re counting on four people to pay you for your one mortgage, the likelihood of you getting that one mortgage covered with maybe ideally one or two of the rents is the best option and then your cash flowing the third and the fourth one. So the more doors are better security.

Start with…

07:18 So when you start looking at these other doors, you wanna divide it per door. On a normal duplex, I’m finding it about 200,000 to 250,000. So for easy numbers, we’re going to say 100,000 per door for $200,000 duplex. So the $200,000 mortgage, could your rents from one side cover your mortgage? The answer is yes, it could.

07:50 You can potentially live for free on the other side or for a very small cost. If you wanted to do that as a first time home purchase, you can get up to a quadplex on a normal bone so you don’t have to have a commercial loan for anything below quadplex. So look into that. If you can start making money with your first time home purchase, that would be the best option I believe. It’s something where you can live almost for free and eventually rent out the other side once you’re ready to move.

So, what’s your plan?

If you’re thinking about using your first home as an investment property, it’s a great opportunity to start cash flowing immediately and you can start saving that money for another one. Cash flow is really great so weigh out your options when you’re looking at first time home purchases.

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#21 How To Be Available To Your Clients With Boundaries!

#21: How To Be Available To Your Clients With Boundaries!


How To Be Available To Your Clients With Boundaries!


How To Be Available To Your Clients With Boundaries!

Be open. Share what you do, share how they can help you, and how you can help them expand their knowledge. Whether if you get into that big of a conversation, completely go for it.

So how your clients get in contact with you? This should be on your website, on every single email that sent out. If you give a phone number, make sure to add that to every single email and then if you have an address, please add that as well so people can refer you.

Pick up!

04:03 If you set your business and you have times and you have contact ways, whether it be phone number, email, box, or whatever it is, freaking answer, pick up. That’s all. That’s my message today. That quick and simple. But let me talk about the importance of this. So, when you provide this information, a client may have not remembered to follow up and this could be something that’s pending on their to-do list for a month because you did not just pick up the phone or you did not email them back if that’s your preferred way of communication. And this is something that could just be ongoing forever. You can get bad reviews, people can look at your products as more negatively because they have poor response times, whatever it is and however your client can get ahold of you, freaking show up.

Show Up!

08:56 Make sure every transaction of energy or presence or connection with somebody is your best. This means that in business when you say or give the option to connect, then you show up on that connection. This can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, any of the other social media accounts, email, phone numbers, boxers, whatever it is…show up. I’m really big into only giving a few options and those few options I give, I do allow them to pop up on my phone so I can make sure I can always respond to people. It goes off at a certain time on my phone and turns back on at a certain time. So I still have alone time or time away from the business.

Keep Track!

11:57 Show up and mean it when you show up, don’t give bad responses on if they tell you a five-paragraph essay, say, “okay, don’t do that.” Like the brisk bond act and that’s what I mean by taking the time to respond. If I’m walking into a meeting and I have a five-paragraph essay and I don’t have the time to actually respond, I personally like to leave stuff on unread. That way I know where to go back to it. That’s how I keep track of it and I do that with my emails. I do that with all my social media messages, text messages, whatsapp, and all that fun stuff. I do it on everything. I leave that on unread until I’m ready to respond.

So show up for your clients. Let them know the boundaries. Don’t be afraid!

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#19 Pitch Yourself Using Your Skills — NOT Bashing Your Competition

#19: Pitch Yourself Using Your Skills — NOT Bashing Your Competition


Pitch Yourself Using Your
Skills — NOT Bashing Your Competition

People like being a part of greatness, sell them on how great your service are.


Pitch Yourself Using Your Skills — NOT Bashing Your Competition

Knowing the next step and showing people the vision, showing them how beneficial it is, showing them just how amazing you and your product are...that's all you have to focus on.

Comparing yourself or comparing your company products to somebody else, especially in a pitch, know and understand you may be turning your consumer off. People want to hear about how amazing you are, what amazing qualities you or your product. They want to hear how great you are, how your product is going to change their lives, how this is going to benefit them, and how you guys are going to grow together.

You Need to Know and Understand…

07:29 So if you are selling something that you have yet to try, you’re doing yourself and your client’s customers a disservice. You need to understand that you know what’s going on in the product. You understand the processes, you’ve gone through the transaction, you’ve used the product, whatever it is, use it, know it, understand it. I want you to know the pros, the cons, what sets you apart, where are your company’s growth? What the next moves are.

07:57 If a client or customer were to use you, what is the next step? So if they use us now, how can we keep growing together? How can they get in contact with you? Know, all of that stuff and then also know about your competitors, know what they’re doing. I’m not saying get on a sales call with them. You’re welcome to do that. But just be aware like that’s kind of going down a rabbit hole. Just know who your competitors are and what sets you apart from the competition.

Be Confident!

08:29 By knowing that and being confident in everything around you, your clients or customers will feel that. They feel the confidence, they feel the trust. They just made a friend on the phone and they know that they can call you when they have questions, every step of the process and you’re going to make them understand that the reason they’re paying a little bit more for the service is because you know what to do and you know the processes. You know it all and you are this amazing badass woman who’s killing it in her game and she’s going to set the bar high for any other competition. So be confident.

Stop Comparing!

The grass is not always greener on the other side. You don’t know what’s going on in the other company or what’s going on with the other product. You just don’t know you know you and stick to you and stay in your lane and rock your lane every single time. 

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EP #16 Virginia Toalepai Interview

#16: Virginia Toalepai Interview





If you believe that you are great, you’re beautiful and you’re successful, the universe and everything else will come into play.

Virginia Toalepai, the CEO of World Wide Safety, has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. She started five years ago where she was recently a divorced mom of four girls, went back home to her parents with only $12 on her hand. She had businesses before that failed where it came down to which her family lost faith in her because of too much failure. There came to a point where her father said “If you’re going to do it one time and you fail, you better stop. Don’t keep on doing.” But she stood by her belief of when you fail, get back right up, redo it again then do it better this time. So when she finally found this passion about safety, that’s when World Wide Safety came about. 

Today, her company already expanded into five states in the United States. One in Las Vegas, then in Reno, Nevada, North and South California, Utah, and Arizona. She also started her nonprofit called RYSHOC Family, Inc. that helps homeless children and youth create a future they want through career training, scholarships, and more. 

She started out living off of nothing and now, a multi-millionaire business women! All you need is to believe in yourself, have confidence, be optimistic and most of all, stay humble just like Virginia.

Business and life lessons to ponder…

[11:28] I want them to know that you had to believe in yourself.

[11:44] First impressions are always vital when you’re trying to get clients. So you got to carry yourself the way you present yourself in a way you talk, you have to make sure you’re on top of those things.

[12:00] Surround yourself with like-minded people and especially people that know better than you.

[12:49] Make sure that you stay optimistic regardless of how the day is. Set goals!

[16:07] Failure means it’s just a step ahead of that you learned this lesson. Now you do it again but do it better. It’s just a stepping stone of getting to where you want to be. Don’t stop because you fail.

[16:53] You have to stay humble and remember where you’re from or how you started. Because once you help people, those people can only make you bigger. The blessings come with that. It’s going to make your dream more tremendous and more powerful.

EP #13 Rod Khleif Interview

#13: Rod Khleif Interview


Rod Khleif Interview


Rod Khleif Interview

It’s not about the goal, it’s about your progress and growth on your path to that goal. 

Have you ever had your greatest smackdown in business?

It started as a sad story, but going through it, you will be completely fascinated and inspired by Rod Khleif and his journey.

Rod Khleif migrated to Denver Colorado when I was six years with his brother and mother and lived there for 30 years. They didn’t have much money. He grew up wearing clothes from the goodwill and the Salvation Army and ate expired food from the day-old bread store. His mom babysat kids so to have enough money for her them to eat. With her babysitting money, she bought the house across the street where they lived as a rental when Rod was 14 years old for about $30,000. Then when he was 17 and getting close to graduating from high school, his mom told him that the value of the house gone up to $20,000 while she slept. It hit him and he was like, “What? I’m getting into real estate.”

Fast forward to today, Rod owned a couple of thousand houses that he rented long-term, owned multiple apartment complexes and started 24 businesses. He had 800 houses, multiple apartment complexes and a net worth that went up to $17 million while he slept. If you want to do the math, that would be about $8,500 an hour and so he thought, “I was a Real Estate God.” Then one day, God or the universe or whatever you believe in, smacked him down. It was 2008 at that time and he lost $50 million. REAL MONEY! That was his greatest smackdown.

How did he get back to success?

[05:27] It’s the mindset! It’s knowing exactly what it is you want and why you want it and like that session that I did at one of the local REIAs (Real Estate Investment Association) here, real estate investor club meetings, I did a goal-setting workshop and the whole message there is you have to know what it is you want and why you want it. Because it’s so easy to focus on what’s negative in the pain but where focus goes energy flows.

[06:07]What you focus on is what you get. I knew what I wanted and I knew I wanted it. I hit under a rock for a few months and felt sorry for myself, had a pity party and all that, which I think I was justified to do. But then I picked my butt up by my bootstraps and I said, remember what you focus on and you know and I’m back.

Rod and I talked more about how he started with mindset, gratitude boards, vision boards, and about manifesting goals.

So sit back, relax, grab a coffee or snack, listen, and be inspired!

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EP #10 Play Your Role… In Business

#10: Play Your Role… In Business


Play Your Role… In Business


Play Your Role… In Business

So just being able to step back, take a moment, figure out how to communicate normally. Start with yourself. Yes, the other person sometimes is out of it, but if you can control yourself, you can control what you say and how you communicate. It can normally diffuse the situation if it goes awry. So communication always is the key to partnerships. 

Business roles are so important and the reasons are because it keeps your business moving and it holds people accountable for what they’re responsible for. The second you get an assistant or get another partner in the business, you’d want to know exactly what you can handoff. It may take some time like training, but at least you can exactly know what you want to give.

How important roles played in your business

[01:36] Business roles are what you are, you’re in charge of — the money, the marketing, the content, whatever it is you’re in charge of, write that down and what I like to do is, if you like it, put a star next to it. If you don’t like it, put a frown face or something next to it. Just so you know the exact tasks that you like doing are important. But also just knowing all the tasks are important, especially when you eventually bring on an assistant or a partner. So for yourself, the business roles you want to build your business and eventually you are the CEO but eventually be the CEO of multiple people helping you out with your business or seeing your vision and helping you grow this company’s bigger vision.

[03:04] Now business roles with partnerships, this is where it gets really important. You need to know what you’re good at. You need to know what your partners are good at. So you both know your strengths and this can be the self-proclaimed or if you’ve ever worked together, you know what you work well with. I like to do both or hear both sides of the self-proclaimed and if you work with somebody, know what they’re good at. I also like working with somebody for a little while before we establish solidified roles. The reason for this is because then I get a feel for how their work is and where we can play.

[10:06] Work with each other’s strengths and roles, communication’s hard and it’s awkward sometimes, especially in business because money’s involved. Feelings get involved and normally friendships get involved in sometimes even relationships. So you do need to keep open communication with all partnerships. I 100% think that because the second communication starts decreasing or someone feels like they’re not able to get their point across. That is when the business starts failing or starts doing poorly because you guys aren’t working together, you’re not on the same page and your business is not going to the same vision. So it is important to work together to know your roles and then to also expand on each other’s weaknesses into strengths and grow each other as a whole.


#07: Partnering with a Badass!





When you’re in a partnership, you need to be able to say, "You know what, I can tell you’re having an off day. Let’s talk about it. How can I make your day better?" You know how much that means to somebody when you say that to them. It’s just being able to radiate help or being able to help someone when they’re not at their 100% is a great sign of an amazing partnership. 

Business is always complicated. Most people go into business with their friends, family, or spouse and going into business with one of them is fine and dandy. You just want to make sure you have specific roles. If you’re going into business with somebody, you want it to be somebody who’s one going to pull their weight and then to hold you accountable and make you better.

Partnership in Business

[02:19] You want to surround yourself and push yourself with people that are always going to propel you forward. So going into business with somebody like that, if you guys have defined roles, you’re going to be able to propel yourself even further along because you know what each other’s good at, you know how you work well together, you know how the business is going to run and it just makes it so you both have time to, you know, read or you have time to grow the business. You have time to do more to propel yourself forward because you’re not worried about the other person doing their job.

[05:19] Now another part of knowing each one of those roles is having an actual list. Creating that contract with your partners in each of businesses, this is what I’m in charge and this is what you’re in charge. This is how we’re going to grow the business and succeed. So having this contract is very, very important. It can be official. I know there’s going to be somebody on here that says it has to be official and then there’s going to be somebody that says you can do it on a handshake.

I fall somewhere in between. So depending on how I feel about that person, first off, we’ll determine if I go into business with them and I can normally tell that within the first couple of times of meeting them. I think more than a handshake cause you need to at least write down what you guys are in charge of. So we’re going to get past the hand and actually write it down and be somewhere between writing it down, signing it, and then having an official attorney document.

[11:26] As long as the sale gets done, the business to get done, the event turns out amazing. We helped a ton of people and on top of it, our businesses are growing outside of that. We’re helping each other grow those businesses and we’re helping each other succeed outside of life and personally. So I think having that business partner in a healthy relationship is important.

It’s important that partnering in business should have a balance. Whatever that balance is, it may not be the same for everyone, but he/she needs balance and I support that.


#05: 3 Business (and Life) Lessons to Conquer Your “Bad” Day



Stay solid.

Stay focused.

Move forward.



Stop getting offended on everything. It’s not personal, it’s business! Get laser focus on whatever it is you’re working on and always move forward getting over those fears.

We’re going to cover three points that are important in business that I want to make sure you think about on your day to day running in business and how you can overcome them.

#1 Thick Skin

[00:24] Number one is thick skin or just being a little more ready for blows to happen where you have a higher tolerance for pain and you’re not offended by everyone’s opinion. Somebody can love your product and the next person can hate it. It’s just their opinion!

[01:28] So there’s this idea of whatever you see in somebody else or whatever is happening with somebody else, you need to turn the mirror around and look at yourself and heal yourself with that problem. What I have found in the situations, where I’m feeling offended or need to have tougher skin, is there was something wrong with the way I presented it or there was something wrong with how I explained it. I needed to go into more or less detail. So when somebody is getting frustrated or overwhelmed and they say something rude, it’s not nice but I’m not going to get offended because I’m thinking, “Why are you overwhelmed? How can I fix this overwhelm?”

#2 Getting Laser Focus

[05:04] No shiny objects. By that I mean, if you’re going to start a podcast, start the freaking podcast! Don’t worry about X, Y, and Z. Start the podcast and get focused on that. Don’t be distracted by everything that is around you, getting thrown at you, or Facebook ads or what your favorite person is doing on social media. Stop getting distracted! Like when people try to distract you or take you off your focus area, I need you to say, “No, this is what I do. This is what I’m focusing on now.”

#3 Always Move Forward

[07:48] So you need to accept adversity. It’s okay to fail. Failure is a destination. Failing is a verb. It’s action and you can fail forward. You can continue failing until you get it right.

[08:59] Failing is part of the journey, it means that you’re trying, and that you’re working on something and you’re getting closer and closer to whatever it is. I often hear people say that they have this fear of failing. Do you know what fear stands for? False evidence appearing real. It’s false evidence that looks real. That’s what the fear is. The fear is that you could fail. You could be failing or you could become in your mind to failure and completely give up, but that’s not what is intended for your journey. You need to realize that failing is all part of it and it gets you one step closer.

Those are the lessons that I want you to overcome. Think about something that you want to focus with, the message that you want to share not minding the what others may say, and what you fear the most…can you beat it today?